Smarter, faster Virtual Data Rooms.

Deal excellence & automation with Ruby Datum.

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A smarter, faster Virtual Data Room.

Time and time again we've been able to improve efficiency and cut costs for clients. Ruby Datum offers an unrivalled user experience and using automation, text recognition and advanced search algorithms, enables you to find the right documents in seconds.

“The thing I really like about Ruby Datum is, it works. It's fast, it's reliable, it's secure; and it looks great.”

Garry Mackay, CEO, Ashfords

Experience our unique content delivery system

Take your deal room out the office and on the move with our dedicated 'mobile first' interface. With our 100% uptime guarantee and great customer support, you can ensure secure 24/7 access.

“Ruby Datum has provided us with a secure, intuitive and scalable technological solution to transfer millions of files quickly and efficiently to buyers so as to ensure the protection of clients following the collapse of KWM.”

Andrew Hosking, Partner, Quantuma

Virtual Data Rooms, driven by you

We release platform updates regularly, and have been able to roll out features such as our unique intelligent bidder comparison score, thanks to the input from our clients. Our clients can benefit from customised branding, and have the freedom to change settings and permissions of their virtual data rooms as much as they desire.

“Ruby Datum's smart, intuitive design helps present our projects in the best possible light. In addition, the Ruby Datum team are quick to provide support as and when I need it.”

Jon Antoniou, CEO, Stor Power

Built to help you
get more done

Ruby Datum isn't just built around you, the user. It extends to third parties, to provide them with the best experience, giving you complete peace of mind when it comes to negotiating. Our team has years of experience with virtual data rooms, and is on hand around the clock, to provide full technical support. Our pricing is both simple and transparent, ensuring no hidden costs.

Who we’ve worked with

Centrax Gas Turbines
Stor Power
Roxburgh Milkins
OTB Eveling