Are Virtual Data Rooms good for sustainability?

Data Sustainability might sound like a ‘green washing’ term on the surface, but when you dive into the subject, you realise how much of an issue it truly is to the environment and businesses.

If this is the first time you’ve heard this term, we recommend you to read The Economist article titled Sustainable data: In pursuit of net zero by Sanjay Podder, and Shalabh Kumar Singh. Here they break down some staggering figures around data growth and its impact on the environment. 

“Between 70% and 90% of data that organisations collect is “dark data” that incurs unnecessary energy costs to transmit and store without being turned into insights and business opportunities.’ – The Economist.

This is an area where Ruby Datum thrives, as our mantra goes: Organise – Analyse – Reuse. Virtual data rooms can reduce data collection explosion, cyber risks through storage costs, resource effort & cost to manage that data, reduce energy consumption and finally, de-duplicate. 

Organisations/law firms are bleeding costs in storing, maintaining, duplication of unused/dark data that is also sensitive. Where as our clients maintain an ongoing, organised, usable data in Data Room which saves them time and money.

Our concept of archiving what is not active, pruning once the data is not required, restricting the data on need to know basis that reduces energy transmission, labelling, categorising, managing are all ways to organise and analyse, help make data usable. This results in saving money, but also the energy that’s needed to store unwanted data.

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