Calum Whytock Joins Ruby Datum As Our Business Development Specialist

Here at Ruby Datum, we are continuously trying to improve our platform and service. While implementing new features to the product, we’re also expanding our team with specialists who share the company’s values. With that being said, please welcome our new Business Development Specialist, Calum Whytock.

With a humble beginning, Calum moved from South Africa to the UK, where at the age of 10 years old worked at his parents’ Bed and Breakfast.

“We would have guests from all backgrounds and from this young age I developed a real passion to talk to them all,” said Calum. “I find it extremely satisfying to learn about people from all corners of the world; the similarities of different cultures are almost as interesting as the cultural differences“.

After studying business management at university, Calum went on to co-found SouthChalk Limited; a fashion company which creates up-cycled, tailor-made, unisex and unique apparel. Driven by his values around sustainability, mindfulness and problem solving, Calum’s presence is being welcomed at Ruby Datum.

“Calum came along at the perfect time, with highly aligned core values. I feel at this exciting period as the business expands, Calum will bring a range of experience, along with an infectious positive attitude that will represent Ruby Datum in the best possible light.” said Ruby Datum’s CEO and Co-Founder Nick Watson.

When asked about joining Ruby Datum, Calum went on to say “It is very important for me to work with people I respect, and find inspirational; Nick is just that! His passion for making a product that will genuinely enhance the lives of the end users is a testament to his values.”

Founding a business himself, Calum understands what makes Ruby Datum more than your standard Virtual Data Room “The vision for the software to grow is something that will be more than the standard VDR”, he went on to say… “I love the energy in Ruby Datum, trying new things & seeing what our clients find useful. Also, the work Ruby Datum is doing abroad is to support entrepreneurs who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford a VDR, which will vastly improve their business functions; that is very inspiring”.

When asked about how he feels the recruiting 4 new people to the Ruby Datum team this year, Nick responded “We now have the complete team I had in my vision that would take this company forwards and scale in a mindful, strategic way. Everyone understands the client-centric values we have in place, with a view to pushing innovation forwards and with our new sustainability focus, change this world for the better.”