Do you want to offer an Efficient Consultancy service?

Ruby Datum can be used by consultants and businesses looking to package their services, intelligence, templates and processes into a software platform that can help to streamline delivery of services with minimal repetition:

  • fully white-labelled (including logos, colours, domains and layout) to be sold to your clients as your own
  • create tasks to assign to user(s) and/or groups of users throughout the process (with alerts, audit trails and more)
  • create forms to capture data (and calculate information, or generate reports on dashboards) as an alternative to complex spreadsheets and link these to tasks where applicable
  • full user access control to ensure users can only see or edit data they are granted permission to
  • include training videos, how to guides, and other documents as well as link these to tasks where applicable
  • full Q&A facility for businesses to collaborate around the documents on the platform
  • save all the above into a template to be re-used with ease
  • secure environment with watermarking, single sign-on, user audit trails, user access permissions, redaction, and more.

If you would like to find out more, then request a demo via our website.