New Feature: Highly Secure “Dual Authorisation” Sites For Master Licence Users

Some of the feedback we have had at Ruby Datum from clients is the occasional requirement for sites under a master licence to have “extra secure” status in order to lock down access from the usual Administrators that are on hand to support the management of such sites.

With this in mind, we have added a new option to the “edit site” panel, “Restrict site from higher level admins”. This will lock out all users, including admins from the site unless they are specifically allocated access to the site by an Administrator on the site itself.

We understand that sometimes the situation may arise for “higher level” support admins to still access the site should a tricky situation arise where support is needed (without having to call support and wait) so we have built a mechanism to facilitate these situations.

We have added a new user level permission, “Can grant admin access to restricted sites” (on by default for Administrators). If a user has this option enabled, an administrator from a higher level can access the site for support, but a second administrator (with the ‘grant’ permission enabled) must click a unique link that is emailed to these administrators (and also to all Administrators on the site itself) in order to grant access to the site. Once they have been granted access by this second admin, their access will expire after 1 hour.

All activity is fully logged and available for viewing via the settings page, so you will be able to see every action this user has taken whilst granted with this temporary access.

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