Growth at Ruby Datum
Ruby Datum - Growing

What a year it has been! Whilst the pandemic had slowed our efforts for growth initially, we were able to strengthen our team and demonstrate significant resilience which has proven effective – this year alone, we have seen the most significant growth since we launched, and have nearly doubled our client base.

The growth doesn’t stop there. We have revived an old project, “Form Tasks” that we began developing a while back. This combines creating forms with tasks and documents to create a harmonious flow of data management across the data room, empowering administrators to tailor their VDR solution to their people and business processes, rather than the other way round.

Jack Bowden

It brings me an enormous amount of joy to announce the hiring of Jack, as our new head of Business Development and Client Relationships. Jack has been a long-term friend of mine, and someone I have observed throughout the years carry himself with integrity, honesty and with an ability to articulate himself incredibly well.

Leaving behind his successful career in the motor trade, Jack is eager to pursue a new challenge where he is able to more appropriately apply his skills – the ability to maintain good, solid and prosperous relationships, solve challenges and be that “go to” person for when people need a solution. This couldn’t align more perfectly with our core values at Ruby Datum, a company built on client experience, engagement and feedback.

As a friend, Jack and I have been there to support each other consistently. As people, we have both grown over the years and have aligned values. I couldn’t be more delighted to have him on board, and even after the first week of working together have seen the potential in what we are likely to achieve.

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Pippa and Dan

Since hiring Dan a few years ago as a senior developer (and now Head of Development), he has made an insurmountable contribution to Ruby Datum. We brought on Pippa (Dan’s girlfriend at the time) to assist with testing the platform and research, but she has proven to be capable of so much more and since has helped us to renew our ISO27001 and ISO9001 accreditation, implement our new support desk and improve processes amongst many other things, to a very high standard.

It brings me much joy to announce they got married last week. After working with them both for some time now, it is great to see such chemistry in a couple and I am truly delighted to have them both here at Ruby Datum.

With energy flowing high at Ruby Datum and the platform seeing more growth than ever before, I am even more elated to announce the launch of our crowdfunding campaign. We already have investors pre-committed and plan to go live with this very shortly – so please look out for our announcement with regards to this, and ‘watch this space!’