How can you make Procurement and Client/Supplier Onboarding easier?

The process of procurement and onboarding is renowned for being a tedious, painful, and repetitive process for any business. It isn’t just as simple as merely signing up your supplier and you’re done. Instead, you have to enclose everything required; from legal, finance and accounting to even IT or purchasing.

It’s essential to have a streamlined oraganised system in place as this process usually requires many people to use different functions. If you’re not prepared, you could face wasting money and tarnishing the relationship with the supplier.

Ruby Datum has extensively looked at this issue and has the tools to streamline this process. Here’s how:

  • Creating templates to capture information during the procurement process.
  • Tracking question responses, and assigning different areas of information to the user(s) and/or groups of users for full accountability
  • Centralised repository of all procurement, from the start of the process (questionnaires such as information security (infosec) checks to onboarding (KYC – Know Your Client) forms to storage and management of contracts.
  • Create tasks for user(s) and or groups of users as steps needing to be taken in order to finalise the procurement or onboard process.

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