How Ruby Datum’s Founder, Nick Watson, stayed resilient in 2020.

Ruby Datum’s Founder and CEO, Nick Watson, is a man of many talents and always has an exciting venture up his sleeve. Business as almost usual, Nick remained resilient and busy in 2020. Here’s what he got up to. 

Nick has been busy collaborating with the CEO of Cosmonauts, Timo Karakashev, on Legal Legends. Founded in 2020, Legal Legends aims to help law firms integrate existing legaltech and scope and build and test bespoke technology projects to deliver an exceptional user experience. Legal Legends also aims to help legaltech companies improve the user experience of their platform and grow their companies. 

Since the beginning of his professional career at 15, Nick has worked across many industries but particularly legal, supporting and innovating to improve lawyers’ working lives. Throughout this experience, Nick was able to understand the challenges that lawyers face and with a typical culture of long and stressful “billable” hours, Nick wanted to find a way to help. Seeing that suicidal tendencies amongst lawyers stand at four times the average than other industries and with higher suicide rates, Nick used his passion for mental health and well-being, to contribute to the Society of Computers and Law (SCL).  Wellbeing is critical to success, health and happiness and SCL seeks to cultivate discussion and provide foundational and advanced training at the intersection of information technology and law. In 2020, collaborating with Gary Waters, they have worked on awareness and techniques to improve wellbeing in the industry. 

In 2020, Nick has also worked to develop the growth of his networking group, LawTech London, which discusses emerging topics in legaltech with industry thought leaders. The group currently has 860 members. 

Furthermore, Nick is a mentor for The Legal Forecast (TLF) connect programme in Australia and for Barclay’s Eagle Lab where Nick has also spoke at webinars on empowered mindsets and also in Australia, Nick is the UK advisor to the Chief Officer Forum for the Centre of Legal Innovation.

And that’s how Nick Watson stayed resilient in 2020.