How Virtual Data Rooms Can Improve Your Real Estate Data Management

The total real estate of the world (excluding commercial) is projected to be 1.5 to 1.9 trillion square feet by 2027, clearly, there is a clear incentive to real estate investors to digitise the information contained in their investment portfolios. The rise in the use of new-age technology such as real-time data sharing of real estate assets with the potential of reducing transaction fees through Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs) for investors (especially owners) are set to transform the sector.

Speed of Service

VDRs are the next era in property investment as real-time data sharing, which has been taking place for commercial investment property, will grow to a massive scale. Every property owner will be expected to share transactional data and also gain access to real-time property information. This trend is set to transform real estate to create a new era of VDRs with real-time sharing. The ultimate goal of this change is for the consumer to have access to their VDR at the touch of a button.

Improving Efficiency

Currently, a majority of the commercial real estate investment is done on a virtual basis, and the number of transactions with actual paper documents is almost negligible. Given the rise in the penetration of data within organisations, the investors are pushing organizations to adopt the new digital platform for information sharing to become more efficient. Thus, VDRs will drive the innovation in commercial real estate in the future as the potential efficiency benefits to real estate organisations would be enormous. The ease of sharing information with existing and new owners, ensuring complete confidentiality of the transaction, and creating a streamlined process for business transactions will help to speed up transactions. This will result in increased efficiencies in the commercial real estate market.

Ease of Access

VDRs will help to remove a key obstacle for investors, especially in commercial real estate. The information stored on real estate has never been easier to get, but finding and obtaining information from the providers is challenging. This could cause conflicts between different investors as well as individual owners. The advent of VDRs, combined with the use of advanced technology, will not only help to get access to information within a quicker time frame, but also create an interactive platform where everyone is able to share information securely. Evidently, VDRs will result in reducing the chances of conflicts in transactions.

Ruby Datum, an industry leading VDR empowers your team to do more. With leading cybersecurity awards ISO9001 and ISO27001 certifications in addition to a two-factor authentication (including hardware-based) and rigorous security testing by a CREST accredited company, you can ensure complete confidentiality and cybersecurity of your data. Further, Ruby Datum enables you to set user specific visibility permissions to ensure only relevant eyes view certain documents, again ensuring relevant confidentiality. Above all else, user experience is at the heart of Ruby Datum, we use client feedback to constantly update our platform to be the best in service, with bespoke integrations and customisability, you can ensure your VDR works for you and your business.

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