Introducing Form Tasks: A New Way To Collaborate With Clients

This has been a feature in development for some time now, and we are excited to announce the first version has now been released, with plenty more exciting updates on the way.

Your platform, your way

As well as a fully comprehensive document collaboration space enabling you to securely disclose and discuss documents with clients, we have now integrated data capture and task management facilities. You can build out your own forms, tasks, and folder structures to save as a template – but where the platform really thrives is in its interoperability.

Documents, Forms, Tasks together

Those familiar with the Ruby Datum platform will know of its powerful custom fields/columns feature, allowing you to create fields alongside folders, documents, Q&A, sites, etc and relate them together. For example, a “A how to guide” could be alongside a question that links to a document/video in the documents section, or a calculate column to show total number of items that match select criteria.

We have now extended this further, to include forms and tasks.

Form Tasks – Powerful and Customisable task and data management

Here are some of the features:

  • Create custom forms with the same fields that you are used to for the fields/columns features in other sections
  • Create tasks and assign them to users or groups of users, with deadline dates or ongoing (never expire)
  • Connect forms to tasks, so when clicking on the task you can log data (either once, or multiple times)
  • Relate Folders/Documents to tasks, forms, and more
  • Specify default deadline dates (days into the future) either site-wide, or per-folder
  • Full permissions extending to both folders, tasks, forms, and individual fields to allow editing, view, or denied access
  • Alerts (daily, instant, weekly, etc) for when tasks are assigned, forms are submitted, and when deadlines are approaching or have passed.
Build forms and capture data into tasks

Consultancy as a Software Service

We’re coining the term now, CaaSS – Consultancy as a Software Service is our big plan here. You can take what you do as a consultant, your intelligence, and package it into a templated solution ready to deliver your services more efficiently. By taking unstructured data and bringing about structure, as well as your own internal tasks and in addition, tasks assigned to your clients, you can deliver your services and simultaneously provide a platform them to maintain their obligations in the form of structured folders/documents, ongoing tasks, and data capture facilities. Of course, this can be fully customised and branded as your own (including name, domain, logos – you don’t even have to know Ruby Datum is powering it), opening up additional, recurring revenue streams.

Of course, you don’t just get the platform from Ruby Datum – your package comes with unlimited training, unlimited support and regular engagement to ensure the features are best suited to optimally deliver your services to clients, and integrate with the technology you both use.

For more tips on how to optimise Ruby Datum, here’s a list of our recent platform updates.