July Platform Updates
Ruby Splash

On top of some exciting news which we will be posting about separately, we have some great updates for you this month. This includes a number of new features, as well as some infrastructure improvements. In particular, the focus has been on custom fields, which are available throughout in areas such as Sites, Documents, Q&A and Users.

Custom field options with colours now added throughout the site
  • Added “Denied” permission allowing users/groups to be excluded from an entire folder or document regardless of whether it is restricted or not
  • Added ability to export user/group permissions as an Excel document
  • On custom field options for Dropdown lists and Checkbox lists, you can now rename, re-order and add colours to these
  • When adding custom fields, button is now “Save & add another” instead of “Save” to allow faster administration
  • Updated “Date” custom field to allow any year/range, and also “Today’s date” as the default option
  • Added ability to search dropdown fields with text (as well as selecting from list) to filter results
  • Added ability to relate folders and/or documents and/or both as a custom field
  • Added support for multiple timezones
  • Improved redaction file sizes with our unique algorithm designed to offer fully redacted documents with the smallest size possible, retaining a high document quality
  • Core network upgrades including increased capacity within resilient connections
  • Storage upgrades (NVME) to Pure Storage, once of the fastest on the market (there are some great benchmarks on Google)
  • Increased spare CPU/Memory capacity for rapid traffic expansion where necessary