June Platform Updates Including @Mentioning

June was a month of significant growth. We had Rasmeet Charya join us, as well as Josh Pratt. In addition, we announced our partnership with Crowdcube amongst many more exciting updates. Development has still been progressing nicely, and we have some cool new features to share with you.

Introducing @mentions

Feedback received from users was when asking a question, or responding to an existing question, users would sometimes need to draw someone else’s attention to that question (for example a colleague or user on the platform of whom is a subject matter expert on what is being asked). As such, we have now brought in support for @mentioning of users. Tagged users will receive an email with a link to the question. Please note that users can only be tagged if they have permission to view a question. In addition, you have the ability to specify whether users can tag any user, or just user(s) that belong in the same group(s) as them.

You can now @mention users on questions and answers

In the coming weeks we will be releasing further improvements including the ability to @mention users anywhere on the platform, including custom fields.

In addition to @mentions, we have also released the following:

  • Ability to select multiple items on related folders/documents (you can turn this on by editing an existing related folder/document custom field, or adding a new one)
  • Improvements to search, including custom fields returning results on exact keyword matches
  • Send invite is now unchecked by default when adding new user(s)
  • Various minor bug fixes and performance improvements