Latest Platform Updates – February

It’s been a great start to the year here at Ruby Datum.

Pippa Kearnes joined the team, working primarily as an administrative assistant. We also welcomed three new clients to Ruby Datum, who we’re very excited to be working with. We would like to congratulate our Managing Director, Nick Watson on being appointed to the Centre for Legal Innovation (CLI) as the UK representative for their advisory board.

As always, we’ve been working hard on usability and efficiency, as seen in our latest Ruby Datum platform updates:

  • New Support Area
  • Resizable document viewer, allowing you to continue clicking through search results or document listings with a smaller document preview (click the resize pane on the left and drag to resize or double click for 50% size)
  • Centralised “settings” area
  • Show full document path in search results
  • When viewing document, address is now unique, allowing you to link directly to a document
  • When adding a folder, you can now set user permissions at the same time
  • Improved monitoring systems for detailed analysis over common site actions
  • Various user experience improvements
  • Ability to instantly add new user groups from bulk permissions and add/edit user screens
  • Ability to duplicate user groups
  • Added tool-tip when adding a user, next to user groups to show example users already in each group
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements