LawTech London – Legal Technology 2018 – What’s next?

The first of many Ruby Datum, the Virtual Data Room company’s 2018 events was held last night in London and was full to capacity. We wanted it be relaxed, informative and interactive: it was on all three counts.

The evening started with an entertaining and informative presentation from Alastair Banks, a founding Director of Optix Solutions. We all learned a good deal about harnessing and improving our personal – or Corporate – digital footprint. Great tips delivered with ease and humour. The take away from this was the importance of your personal brand and just how powerful a good personal brand can be both in your business and personal lives. Alastair also went to talk about Google Micro-Moments as a marketing resource, LinkedIn Social Selling Index and equipped the room with plenty of tools to enrich our digital footprint.

A panel discussion followed with five panellists all associated with Legal Tech and Law but from varying backgrounds: Nick Watson, Richard Tromans, Kaya Elkiner, Joanna Goodman and Alistair Wye with Timo Karakashev chairing. The theme was largely Legal Tech and Change but this moved quite organically into a deeper panel discussion on the build of Legal Tech, Lawyer’s involvement (or not in some cases) in the build and then the successful adoption of new technology from simple applications that work, are stable and do what they are supposed to do.

“Is Legal Tech trying to be too disruptive in changing a business model that has been successful for hundreds of years?” – Richard Tromans

The debate was lively when discussing how intrigued we humans are to find out more about the functionality of new devices but this was quickly countered from a Corporate view: in the work place, do we just want tech to easily and quickly do only what is needed? Do we really have time to explore desirable functions but not essential features? What do you think? We’d love to hear your views.

The audience was a mix of tech savvy Lawyers, Legal Tech professionals and marketing specialists from the sector.

Thank you Ashfords for hosting the event and a massive thanks to all who contributed and attended: it was great to see you and hope to see you again at our next event. Keep watching Lawtech London in meetup for news of upcoming events