New Data Extraction Feature

Virtual Data Rooms

We are very pleased to announce our new data extraction feature. This expands on the previously available compressed archive extraction which could be enabled in order to automatically extract compressed archive files such as .zip or .7z into folders and documents.

In addition to automatic extraction, we have enabled a ‘right click menu’ and info panel “extract” action that users can click to extract compressed archives but also now e-mail backup files such as .pst. In addition, the extraction will transcend into extracted documents to keep extracting down through the levels, preserving the hierarchy. We have also added support to extract e-mail files such as .msg (Outlook) or .eml (Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc) into sub-folders containing the attachments from these e-mails.

Once extracted, e-mails and documents will all automatically benefit from our highly accurate text recognition, meaning documents and folders will show up in search results, including results matching the contents of these documents. Full document previews and other Virtual Data Room functionality will also transcend into these documents.

For a brief video on the feature in action, please see the following: