October Platform Updates

After we deployed our Questions & Answers re-vamp, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve heard the phrase “this is incredibly useful” being used a lot, especially when it comes to the integrated Q&A into the document viewer.

We don’t plan on stopping there, either. We are still all eyes and ears for further feedback and suggestions for improvements, so please keep sending them our way.

Thanks to Pippa on the RD team, with a very keen eye on attention-to-detail, we have spent the month of October improving lots of minor things around the platform. Anything from the wording of some messages, to subtle animations and tweaks in order to make the overall experience even more enjoyable to work with. There are too many to mention, and each one in isolation will sound quite simple, however all these combined make for an overall improved experience. It’s the little things that count!

Without further ado (as our BD exec Mert would say!), our key platform updates for October are as follows:

  • Add new admin setting to “Allow users to change their own email” (on by default)
  • Moved bulk user/group permissions tool in settings to underneath “Documents”
  • Automatically expand permissions section in right “info” panel if users exist here
  • Renamed “View site activity” to “View user activity”
  • Removed ability to separate new questions by comma (on “Add multiple questions” to allow for commas in these questions)
  • “Add multiple questions” is now enabled on new sites by default
  • Removed ability to “minimise” right “info” panel. Added a new close icon instead.
  • Changes yes/no dropdown fields to check boxes
  • Various minor bug fixes and performance improvements