October Platform Updates: Invite a user & Calculation Field

We’ve got some great new features for you this month! Two in particular that we feel will bring some great benefit to the way you manage users, and produce reports for them.

Calculation Field

You can now create a calculate field in order to sum up the number of items that match custom field criteria in a folder (applicable in both Documents and Q&A sections).

For example, if you had a “Priority” custom field with one option “High Priority” and a “Status” field with one option, “Unresolved” you could create a count that combines this criteria on the table view:

In addition, these statistics will show on excel spreadsheet exports of items.

Invite a user

Sometimes it can be difficult to manage users when there are many of them. We have added a new feature called “Invite a user”. For users that do not have access to the administration of users, you can enable the setting to allow users to invite others (i.e. colleagues) into the same user group as them. This is on by default for Editors and Standard users and can be enabled or disabled for custom user levels.

Here are some other updates for October:

  • Admins can switch off automatic “Edit” access being granted to users when they create or upload an item (On by default for Administrators, Editors and Off by default for Standard user levels)
  • New setting for Q&A folders: Allow user to select folder when asking a question. This helps categorisation much easier.
  • When creating a new site, the user who created that site will automatically be added to the site as an administrator (useful for @tagging feature)
  • User levels now have descriptions (you can enter a description for custom user levels)
  • Duplicating a user level is now possible
  • Various performance improvements have also been made, and a few bug fixes.

If you’re interested in other changes we’ve made, see our later summer update list here.