Rasmeet Charya Proudly Represents Ruby Datum in Singapore

Despite being an online tech company, we aim to share Ruby Datum’s message in the physical world and this year has been no exception. Our Head of Product Innovation, Rasmeet Charya went to Singapore to represent Ruby Datum for the UK Digital Tech in Singapore Mission.

We asked Rasmeet to share her experience with us and learn more about this exciting period with new horizons.

Hi Rasmeet, thank you for your time. Can you please explain why you were invited to Singapore, and what was the objective of this mission?

UK and Singapore have entered into the most innovative Digital Economy Agreement (DEA) that came into effect in June 2022. The DEA agreement promotes digital trade between the UK and Singapore by cutting costs and ending outdated rules that affect both goods and services exporters. Currently, about 80% of the UK-Singapore services trade is delivered digitally and this agreement will provide significant benefits to businesses across both jurisdictions.

This landmark agreement along with the collaborative efforts of the UK’s Department of International Trade (DIT) and Tech Nation will enhance the ability of UK digital companies to export, connect and scale with international customers and investors in Asia Pacific. The DIT and Tech Nation invited applications from the UK Cyber Security, Law and Safety Tech Companies to be part of the delegation. Ruby Datum wanted to explore the international growth opportunities specifically in Asia Pacific and therefore applied for it. We were selected as part of the cutting-edge UK delegation for the UK Digital Tech in Singapore Mission from September 20-22, 2022.

What was your role at the UK Digital Tech in Singapore Mission?

It was an honour and privilege to be part of the UK delegation representing Ruby Datum, one of the most promising and trusted UK law tech companies. It was a dual responsibility to not only fly the UK flag but also take forward and represent the highly advanced legal tech sector of the UK while promoting the spirit of collaboration between the two jurisdictions.

Why is it important for Ruby Datum to be a part of this delegation?

This delegation was important for Ruby Datum in terms of knowledge and understanding of the Singapore Legal Tech ecosystem and opportunities for UK legal tech companies towards meaningful collaborations, partnerships and investments in Singapore and Asia Pacific overall.

The British High Commission along with the DIT and Tech Nation made huge efforts to coordinate and facilitate informative sessions, B2B meetings and discussions with 90+ Singapore companies, government agencies, regulators, academia, trade associations and consultants for the delegation. This is a huge platform for all the UK tech companies and the Singapore delegates to network and build long-term business relationships, and we are grateful for this opportunity.

Did you think the trip was a success and how do you see Ruby Datum’s involvement moving forward?

This delegation has widened the horizons for us, created new business opportunities to collaborate with key stakeholders in Singapore on a long-term basis, enhance growth and clientele for our client collaboration and virtual data room solution.

During the mission, I was also able to catch-up with some of my legal innovation peers in Singapore and Asia Pacific, discuss trends and developments in the legal tech industry, transformation and legal tech adoption amongst the law firms and in-house areas, thought leadership at the cross border legal tech events and innovation at law school level. A very enriching experience and I am hopeful that we will see some very positive outcomes from this industry initiative.

To learn more about Rasmeet and her role within Ruby Datum, click here.