Real estate projects require the sharing of documents with multiple stakeholders including internal departments, contractors, financial institutes, buyers, sellers, advisors, government departments, investors, brokers, etc.

The files are sensitive and require a simple, secure, central platform to store and share these datasets with complete user access control. Here are ten ways Ruby Datum helps commercial real estate:

  • Manage multiple real estate projects and portfolios in a central location
  • Upload and share documents throughout the asset life cycle
  • Complete branding with your company name, logo, colour, etc. 
  • Controlled and secure access to real estate documents to various stakeholders with audit trails visible to administrators only
  • Templated real estate structure and checklists to start due diligence straight away
  • Real-time communication with potential buyers/sellers through Q&A features
  • Complete digitisation of real estate transactions including video tour presentations, property documents, construction designs, plans, and other supported formats
  • Real estate conveyancing management, requisition lists and structured data collation and process status
  • Manage compliance obligations using form tasks
  • Full audit trails for complete accountability and insight into activity.

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