In the legal profession, the need for efficient and secure ways to manage sensitive information and collaborate with stakeholders has led to the adoption of virtual data rooms (VDRs). Among the available VDR providers, Ruby Datum stands out for its intelligent platform, which empowers users to do more with less and makes it a favorite choice among lawyers. Here are some reasons Lawyers love Ruby Datum

Secure, Centralized Collaboration

Ruby Datum provides a secure, central platform for law firms to collaborate and share data with stakeholders across different locations and entities. This enables efficient communication and information exchange, fostering a more productive working environment.

Quick Onboarding and Minimal Learning Curve

With its intuitive interface and minimal learning curve, Ruby Datum ensures that lawyers can start using the platform quickly, without the need for extensive training.

Structured Data Management

Ruby Datum saves time by templatizing folder structures based on your checklists, streamlining the process of structuring and organizing data during transactions or due diligence.

Data Searchability and Filters

Ruby Datum’s powerful search capabilities and filters save time when managing multiple documents, making it easy to locate specific files or information.

Control Over Data Access and Permissions

Lawyers can control data access and permissions themselves without depending on tech teams, ensuring that only authorized users can access specific information.

Streamlined Communication

Ruby Datum’s built-in Q&A feature reduces the need for lengthy email exchanges, allowing for efficient and organized communication within the system.

Customizable Task Management

Users can customize and actionize tasks within the VDR, improving the overall efficiency of the legal workflow.

Advanced Document Management Features

Ruby Datum facilitates documentation with powerful features such as redaction, versioning, watermarks, file previews, and the ability to email documents directly into folders as attachments.

Robust Security

Ruby Datum ensures utmost security at data center, application, and information levels to counter cybersecurity and data privacy risks and liabilities.

Enhanced Client Engagement and Service Delivery

By utilizing Ruby Datum’s features, law firms can provide better client engagement and deliver client-centric services more effectively.

Tech as a Competitive Advantage

Adopting Ruby Datum as a VDR solution offers law firms a competitive advantage by streamlining processes and providing efficient, secure collaboration.


Ruby Datum’s intelligent VDR platform has become a popular choice for law firms seeking to improve their workflows and collaboration efforts. With its secure, centralized platform, quick onboarding, structured data management, and powerful features, Ruby Datum offers a comprehensive solution that saves time and effort for lawyers while enhancing client service delivery.