Ruby Datum Collaborates with Crowdcube to Offer Virtual Data Room Services To Its Funded Community

London, EN (May 31, 2022)— Ruby Datum, a UK based virtual data room provider announced collaboration with Crowdcube, the European marketplace for retail investment into private companies (with recent authorisation for operation across the EU) to bring virtual data rooms to its Funded Community to provide a secure and sustainable data room environment for compliance, further fundraising activities, and document collaboration.

Ruby Datum is a secure virtual data room platform that takes a fresh, innovative and data sustainable approach with its features and has won the support of leading innovators and investors alike. It offers a highly customisable, brandable interface for document collaboration with dedicated developers on hand to build a smooth flow of data from and to other tech platforms.

Crowdcube helps companies with their fundraising efforts and allows them to harness the power of their own communities by converting them into investors. This doesn’t just stop with funding however. Crowdcube supports businesses in their Funded Community all the way through to exit by providing access to various services and expertise to help their portfolio companies grow, maximising the impact of their investment.

The combination of Ruby Datum’s innovative offerings with Crowdcube’s service support will now provide a complete seamless funding experience to manage and process transactions online from start to finish across all rounds of funding, centralised, realtime, and ongoing data rooms right from the term sheet stage to due diligence, transaction documentation, pre and post-closing obligations completion, compliance and board requirements, etc.

“Ruby Datum is all about user experience. We want to make life easy for businesses and provide a secure, efficient, and intuitive environment that helps collaborate seamlessly with all the stakeholders in the investment eco-system without any fear of losing your data.” says Nick Watson, CEO, Ruby Datum. “We’ve been through the pitch curation, fundraising, and post-success compliance ourselves and have a vision for a natural progression with businesses in the Crowdcube community through these stages and on to the future of growth for their company.”

“Being a marketplace, we are totally aligned with the success of the businesses we raise for. A successful exit will mean returns for shareholders on our platform,” says Alex Timmons, Portfolio Manager at Crowdcube. “We therefore want to help businesses make the most out of the funding we provide them and give them the tools, guidance and expertise where possible to help them grow through to exit. Ruby Datum has been through the Crowdcube process themselves and therefore understands very well what our portfolio companies require when it comes to fundraising and important areas for startups. We love seeing our portfolio companies collaborate and we hope that this fantastic offer from Ruby Datum will inspire plenty of the Funded Community to work with them.”

Ruby Datum will now be part of the exclusive partner brands of Crowdcube such as Stripe, AWS, Microsoft and JCDecaux. The platform will be offered free to the Funded Community of Crowdcube for a period of 1 year. This will provide huge opportunity to all the stakeholders in the investment including the legal and financial advisors, investors, and business to explore and leverage this wonderful piece of legal technology.

Ruby Datum takes away all the pain in fundraising for compliance and due diligence by switching over to a central system instead of being lost in emails with integrated Q&A, redaction, and activity logs as well as task management features. Ruby Datum can help throughout the fundraising process, from the pitch creation to the post-success on Crowdcube. This is especially useful for companies that proceed to seek further investment at a later stage, to have their virtual data room ready to go.

About Crowdcube

The European marketplace for retail investment into private companies, Crowdcube enables entrepreneurs to raise finance with the added benefit of being backed by their community. For investors, Crowdcube provides a way to hand-pick a stake in an innovative business they believe in that traditionally would have been restricted to professional investors.

Since it was founded in 2011, Crowdcube has funded over 1,300 deals. With over one million members, a total of £1.2bn has been invested on the platform to date.

Businesses that have successfully raised funds with Crowdcube include Revolut, Monzo, BrewDog, Citymapper, Cowboy, Heura Foods, Freetrade (primaries and secondaries), and Pod Point (acquired by EDF).

About Ruby Datum

Ruby Datum is a pioneering Virtual Data Room platform with a credible reputation for being intuitive, resilient, and rapid for collaboration, with over 23,000 users & 11 million documents across thousands of deals. The platform was built from the start with scalability, sustainability and integrations in mind, and the team have now built full document, data & task management facilities that can be interlinked & white-labelled, allowing firms to effectively build their own software as a service within Ruby Datum.

Media contacts

Alex Timmons
Portfolio Manager, Crowdcube [email protected]

Nicholas Watson
Managing Director, Ruby Datum [email protected]