Ruby Datum Introduces “Inactive Site” Pricing For Master Licences

We are pleased to announce that today we have introduced a new way of measuring inactive site usage and pricing for both existing and new licences of our Virtual Data Room platform.

Sites that are marked “inactive” will no longer pay full usage fees. Instead their storage will only count towards 25% of your total storage quota. For example, a 1gb site will only count as 0.25gb whilst it is marked as “inactive”. Inactive means users will not be able to login to the site to make changes, but all documents, settings, and data are kept the same.

All calculations are carried on a pro-rata basis, so you will only pay 100% for the time the site is fully active.

We hope this offers peace-of-mind for those with deals that get put on hold, or parked for a later fundraising exercise, without having to re-load an entirely new data room in the future with the same documents, settings, and data.

This will all be calculated automatically. You can also see reflected “inactive site” usage on your client overview.