Secure, Fast and Easy to Use- How Ruby Datum Virtual Data Rooms Are Helping Transform Law Firms

Ruby Datum is a trusted Virtual Data Room platform for many established law firms, such as Ashfords LLP, by providing a secure, fast and easy to use platform.

“Ruby Datum is fast, reliable and requires no training. This has saved us hours of admin.” Gary Mackay, CEO Ashfords LLP.

Virtual Data Rooms, by Ruby Datum, allow you to store your confidential data in a highly secure way. As the world has become more spatially distanced, the necessity for digital operations came hard and fast and those firms who had already initiated their digital transformation were adequately prepared. But those who were not, faced challenges. As restrictions now start to ease, it appears that remote working styles are set to continue; BP have announced their plans to continue the WFH style. Noting these trends, it is clear that there is an urgent need for secure data rooms to manage mergers and acquisitions as well as other law procedures such as due diligence. 

With M&A transactions being the main use of Virtual Data Rooms it is clear that this technology is being confidently adapted by law firms. Moreover, the role of cyber security has been enhanced during the COVID-19 era in M&A procedures as in-person negotiations are unable to occur. Awarded the ISO9001 and ISO27001 cyber security accreditation in addition to a two-factor authentication (including hardware-based) and rigorous security testing by a CREST accredited company, Ruby Datum is committed to providing a quality and secure platform and service. Furthermore, with fast and bespoke integrations for your business, alongside user specific permission features, Ruby Datum’s Virtual Data Rooms are the ideal storage location for your highly confidential data. 

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