Spring/Summer Platform Updates & Infrastructure Upgrade
April Platform Updates

This week marks a significant milestone for Ruby Datum. Whilst we have been rolling out various user experience improvements over the previous months, we have also significantly invested in our infrastructure.

Having just completed a job that involved over 10 million e-mail backups (Outlook PST files) being uploaded to our system, extracted (into individual e-mails/attachments) and analysed for search, we were able to use this opportunity to revisit our underlying infrastructure.

By bringing in an industry-leading sysadmin and expanding our own team (a HUGE welcome to the legendary Daniel James), we were able to get under the ‘nuts and bolts’ of our existing infrastructure and analyse its performance. Whilst we moved to dedicated servers as a temporary improvement, we soon found ourselves being introduced to Eloquent Technologies (who we picked after interviews and tests with several providers). We see Eloquent as market leaders in IT infrastructure and have been thoroughly impressed by their services.

After substantial testing of performance and security, we are pleased to have implemented an exhaustive migration plan that was successfully executed with minimal disruption. The new platform is both faster, more secure and resilient. We have at least 3 servers for database and search functionality, in order to prevent “split-brain” scenarios. With high performance load-balancers, hardware and a dedicated team available 24/7 boasting full ISO 27001 compliance, we are entirely confident we are in the best of hands. Our clients will also benefit from multiple data centres, to mitigate risk further.

In addition, please see some of the other updates we have recently made to the platform:

  • Infrastructure upgrade
  • Various bug fixes and User Experience improvements
  • Add ability to customise Background & Logo for individual sites
  • User/Group permissions on custom fields
  • Custom fields for sites (in addition to Folders, Documents & Questions)
  • Custom fields now included on user activity export
  • “Use as” now available for inactive users
  • Shift key (+ click) can now be used to select range of items via checkboxes
  • Allow admin to trigger “reset password” for a user through right click menu
  • Allow admin to send multiple user invites via right click menu
  • Allow admin to send user invites at any stage, even after user has logged in
  • New, dynamic fields (meta data) now available as a custom field, such as document author, creation & last modified date. For e-mails, Subject, From and To fields are also available.
  • Filters are now remembered when navigating into sub-folders

We are happy to re-affirm ourselves as a pioneering Virtual Data Room platform that exceeds client expectations in every area. Please get in touch should you wish to know more by contacting us.