New Virtual Data Room Features Are Here – The Latest

Ruby Splash

Ruby Datum is always seeking to improve & develop its platform, steered by the direction of the users that continue to provide useful feedback. We pride ourselves in being one of the leading Virtual Data Room providers off the back of this, implementing the most useful features while creating an ‘easy to use’ interface that doesn’t overwhelm with links & buttons everywhere.

Over the past few months, we have been continually rolling out features on a weekly basis, and delighting our fantastic clients where we can. Here is a brief summary of some of these:

Activity dashboard: We have created a new dashboard, allowing you to view the most active users & groups at a glance. This enables you to group users (e.g. bidders) together and compare them based on our unique algorithms which generate a user activity score, with in-built abuse detection. You are also able to view recent activity, as well as most viewed documents.

Dynamic watermarks: We now offer the ability to insert dynamically generated watermarks for user’s name, e-mail, date & time. Please note that while other watermarks are cached indefinitely, these are only cached depending on the type of watermark, due to the nature of them having to be generated on the fly.

Permissions by group: Instead of setting permissions on a user-by-user basis, clients can opt to set permissions by groups of users, making it easy and fast to allocate a set of permissions to a specific user on creation.

Improved navigation UI: We have listened to your thoughts on user interface and improved the navigation panel, in particular having a glowing & “pulsing” indicator for new notifications.

Speed & usability improvements: Performance is always at the forefront of our minds, and we have been able to scale and improve our database setup, in order to deliver results much faster. We have improved e-mail alerts, wording throughout the site and anything else our users have highlighted. Our approach has always been, “if a user asks us how to do something, the system is not intuitive enough” – it has been the catalyst to every improvement we have made.

Instant & intelligent search engine: We have upgraded our search engine, which now provides instant results and incorporates ground-breaking, phonetics & machine learning technology, meaning similar words and misspellings are effectively dealt with, in order to provide the most accurate results from not just document titles, fields & tags, but also the content of such files, thanks to our advanced text recognition technology.

Fields on document index export: Custom fields are now displayed on the Excel export of the Folder & Document structure.

Infrastructure improvements: We have made a tremendous amount of improvements to our infrastructure. Already we host on only high spec hardware, in a scalable environment within the UK’s most secure data centre with advanced hacker protection and bank grade security, but now we go even further, with several mirrored servers and a load balancer to ensure that should any hardware fail anywhere, resilience means the site will continue to function on one of our mirrored servers. We also send backups to a different location, for that extra peace of mind.

For more information on Ruby Datum, please visit and request a demo.