Winter Platform Updates

It’s a new year, and we have some exciting winter platform updates to share with you.

Firstly, Ruby Datum has gone Carbon Neutral. This aligns with the CEO, Nick Watson’s passion towards helping the environment. Big thanks to Pippa for all her hard work with this.

We have also been focussing on company strategy and ideas. Not much can be revealed at this stage, but we can say some unique, exciting ideas are going to start emerging for Ruby Datum over the coming months. All existing customers of the platform will be rewarded for their loyalty by exclusive and discounted access to these innovative tools. Big thanks to Anvesh for all his hard work with this, particularly around the Artificial Intelligence aspect.

Of course, we have some new features that have steadily rolled out too. The most notable being the introduction of Placeholders, giving you the ability to place “holders” where documents may be coming in the future. In addition to this, alerts have been re-vamped based on your feedback, to include more granular control over what kind of alerts you receive from the site.

Cloning of data rooms has also been renamed to templates, to make the functionality clearer to users. You will only be able to clone a site now if it has been marked as a template.

  • Added ability to limit upload size of documents in settings
  • Data rooms/sites can now be marked as “Templates” (rather than all sites being listed as a template, as was the case before)
  • “Clone data room” has been renamed to “Use template”
  • Added placeholders (users can add in place of a document that has not yet been uploaded)
  • More alerts have been added to folders: users can now be notified for all documents within folder being added, downloaded, deleted or fields updated as well as when folders are deleted, downloaded or have their custom fields updated
  • More alerts have been added to documents: users can now be notified when a document is deleted, downloaded, viewed, has its custom fields updated or a question asked
  • More alerts have been added to questions: users can now be notified when a question is answered, deleted or has its custom fields updated
  • New alerts for users: you can be notified when a user either logs in or views a document
  • New default documents custom field has been added for new sites, “Document Creation Date”
  • “Date Created” has been renamed to “Date Uploaded” to avoid confusion
  • “Date Created” (now “Date Uploaded”) has been removed as a default custom field for new sites
  • On watermarks, users can now click the dynamic fields such as “date” and “user’s email” in order to add them to the field
  • Added “Ctrl+Enter” key combination to submit questions & answers
  • Enabled “in document” search, so when viewing via the document viewer, for fully text-searchable PDF files, you can now search within documents themselves
  • Fixed rotate buttons in document viewer
  • Added the ability for admins to enforce two-factor authentication (2FA), either by prompting the user on each login or forcing them to enable a 2FA method before they can continue the login process.
  • Performance updates to the way folder document counts are calculated
  • Changed “use as” bar colour to same as site “main bar” branding
  • Various small bug fixes and performance improvements

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