As a compliance management hub that can align with your business processes and people in compliance with ESG, ISO27001, GDPR, ISO9001, HIPAA, PCI, or a combination of any regulatory requirements or requests, routine internal or external audits, in one central location. Ruby Datum can be used to collate, organise and structure data with defined access/permissions to auditors, key business stakeholders, compliance owners/managers or senior management on a need-to-know basis.

Using the built-in forms and task management facilities, tasks (with deadlines and alerts) can be set-up following an audit in order to become compliant, as well as ongoing tasks to maintain compliance. With attached forms to tasks, these could be subject access requests, breach registers, asset registers, and more. This data can be captured on Ruby Datum and assigned to user(s) or groups of users for full accountability.

In addition, requests for information can be centralised and maintained on the platform with custom trackers set up for storing, managing and tracking such information in order to provide a response to the auditors.

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