When raising capital, start-ups/corporates need to share sensitive financial and business records with multiple parties including investors, investment bankers, advisors, etc. that can continue for several months until the funding is completed.

Start-ups require cost-effective technology as they bear the legal cost while ensuring the security and control of their data. Some of these companies may be new to the investment process and might even require support and guidance to prepare their data room and structure the unstructured data per the investor checklists. Those who had investments earlier may be required to update their data room for their next funding rounds. This is how Ruby Datum empowers start-ups to be investor ready: 

  • User-friendly with no learning curve
  • easy to migrate data from or to file repositories such as Google Drive. SharePoint, DropBox, or internal repositories 
  • structured data collation, placeholders and templating of folder structures providing guidance to the start-ups on the due diligence requirements
  • centralised and customisable system with intuitive features, such as custom fields, text-recognition based search, control of access to external stakeholders, document viewer, audit trails and auto-indexing.

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