A venture capitalist spins many plates, from managing information for their partners to just ongoing due diligence. Efficiency and organisation are huge parts of becoming a success. Here at Ruby Datum we know that and want to make a platform to make it easier.

Ruby Datum can be used as a custom branded portfolio tool for venture capitalists (VC)/investment funds to manage their portfolio and carry out ongoing due diligence, management & reporting, as well as prepare them for future fundraising exercises. VCs can create separate sites for portfolios and their Limited Partners (LPs) to store their documents with user access control.

VCs require a central storage to quickly access the final executed deal documents across portfolios including NDAs, term sheets, investment memos, background check reports, due diligence reports, pre- and post-closing documents, FCPA/UKBA or compliance undertakings, deal bibles, reserved matters, board meeting documents, etc. Form and tracker functionality can help portfolio companies collaborate to provide relevant documents while simultaneously keeping the fund up-to-date in real-time.

Ruby Datum provides a secure and collaborative space for multiple LPs, their agreements, investment details and metrics, reports, etc.

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